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A Man Who Emblaces Earth
Mariko Sumikura
Preparing for the Journey 
 I was born naked.
Poorly prepared by my parents
For the journey,
It is only my body.
I treasure throughout my life.  
Train Window
 If the purpose is
Only to arrive,
My journey would be
Too miserable.
I enjoy the view from the window.  
Travel Shoes 
The shoes should be
Soft and Hard double-soled.
Once accustomed to them
I could kick the ground
It is hard to leave
Even a familiar bed.
Birth place, hometown,
Home country and much more
Stick to my back.  
Man’s love
It is
Who will melt
The icy body
Of yours.  
Hope is
The driving force
For today you live.
Don’t give up
Even if it’s hard.  
A Boat’s Wake
I get sick
When gazing
At the swaying ripples
Made by myself.
I must look far ahead.  
At the risk of her life,
My mother
Raised me,
Leaving her words and image
In my heart.  
Rain Shower 
Oh my dear,
You should use 
A small umbrella.
I am the travelling man,
I won’t melt.  
Blanket of Fallen Leaves 
Could it be right
That shiny leaves
As these
Are stepped on
And crumbled to dust?  
My love
I travel around
Without a destination.
Flapping in the wind,
You are like
The blades of grass.  
The harder one is forged,
The stronger one becomes.
A steely body is made
To protect
Someone soft…  
While sighing,
I clamp my teeth shut.
If I lose my head
Over the tenderness of your love,
I can’t leave tomorrow.  
Bush Clover 
By the blue moon,
Like a flood of tears,
A white bush clover drops its flowers
Full of distress.  
Lone Journey 
Having my luggage checked-in,
I roam around
Like an aimless dog.
Just to find the town quiet.
Shall I stay here longer?  
Fallen down on the journey,
I see a little money left
Beside the pillow.
The midwinterIs creeping
In silently.  
A truck 
I push this truck
Up to the top of the slope.
I stretch my arms
Without releasing tension,
Without thinking .  
You have only to look
At this star.
I see you
By the horoscope forecast.  
Post Card 
A post card
Flies to any destination,
Even thought it carries a love
Which weighs
So much.  
The Logos is
The armor of literary man
Helping to make strong arguments.
Under the influence of
Liquor,I took it off that night.  
Woman in memories 
You were like
Tensed thread
When working;
Even with your rumpled hair.  
Morning Haze 
Every leaf
Covering the mountainIs
Taking a deep breath.
Winter haze shrouds
The chilly morning air.  
 I’m in awe
Of the spiritual power
Of the words
As they are inheritedIn this land
From generation to generation. 
 A business Suit 
The heartbeat,
I bring with me
A single photo
Of my beloved one.  
A Crowd 
Like a river
The crowd flows through
On the New Year’s Eve.
They are going back
To their own nests.  
How painful it is
To go against the current.
It will simply end
If I say it
And that would be the end of all.  
Furious Love 
My love is
Only for once
Like the waterfall “Ryujin (Dragon)”.
Furiously it falls
Raising a cloud of droplets.  
The flood gates in my heart
Broke open.
I see you
Right over there.  
You are
Out of breath
Behind the stage.
I held your burning hands
You have everything  I don’t have.  
Fleeting, like a dream.
Time sways.
I shape the words
To carve
With clarity.  
What I want
Is the courage to open
My own future,
Into the prominence.  
This gaze
Of yours is like a fist,
Knocking powerfully
On the door at the bottom
Of my heart.  
Travel Map
 A point moves
To describe a line,
On the map of the journey,
And you are waiting
At a fixed point.  
 I’d like to keep
Beside me
And see
Good things,
As my own possession.  
The more I got to know,
The more painful it became,
To give up my ambition
And crush my feeling
With you in the past.  
Once reborn,
Trivial matters
Please me oddly
And make me smile.  
Driving Force 
One and only.
You are
My driving force.
As I think of you
I feel in love.  
 Even though
It does not
Set in motion the air atoms,
Do you hear me
A new period
Is coming soon?
Or just another prosaic time
Follows next?
What will I have tomorrow?  
Full ups and downs,
The sea of Life.
All serene,
The calm of daily life
I swim though merrily.  
Floating Flower 
Needing each other.
The flower
Comes around
To bloom
At this place. 
Colorful flowers are in bloom.
Among them,
Another flower is in bloom hidden.
It is you
Who belong only to me.  
Clutching at straws,
It is such strength
That makes one stand up.
There are things one obtains
By losing something else.  
 White Lotus 
The flower in the mud.
You are the flower
Of the white lotus,
Springing up vigorously
In my heart.  
The word to indicate
The location
And the meaning
Of a living creature. 
 In a winter morning,
Leaning on the cherry tree,
Pressing my ear against it,
I listen to the sap
Going up vigorously. 
To a Dancer
 A large bloom
In mauve color.
You may fly,
You may cry,
And you may fall down. 
A dream of butterfly.
You are
Such a dreamy creature
That I want to let you fly,
In reality. 
 To live
Without loveIs to dive
Into the abyss of solitude.
 I love the flowers.
A hesitation
Creating hesitation
.I believe in the intuition
Of an undisguised person. 
Translation by the author collaborating with Michael Finkenthal
(photo by vpweb free collection)
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